E-Sports Trainer

E-Sports Trainer
The patented Electronic Sports Band is an ergonomically designed and easy to use sports training aid designed to help users develop the muscle memory needed to maintain proper form when playing sports. What sets this product apart is the Chip On Board technology that allows this product to talk to you in 7 different languages. Yes, it talks! Finally a coach that speaks your language.

This product is lightweight weighing less than an I-phone, self-contained, and easy to use. This product has a display screen able to track the number of correct number of times the device was used correctly. It will make learning how to properly play a sport more exciting, especially for the millions of people fast becoming students of the game and not just players of the game. It will speak four different phrases, have a 1.8" LCD screen display to show results, has the opportunity to download results to track improvements.

Each sports version will come in 3 differentlevels to grow with the user. The first version has been developed for basketball.

Level 1 has a pre-set specification range with the goal of creating the muscle memory needed to move the elbow closer to the body when releasing the basketball to shoot. The elbow pulling away from the body while your shooting the basketball is considered improper form.

Level 2 has a tighter pre-set specification range designed to keep the elbow closer to the body now that the muscle memory has been developed.

With Level 3 the specification range is set by the user. The unit will allow the user
to go through their natural shooting form once, record their natural shooting form, and if they deviate from their natural shooting form the unit will talk and correct the user in real time.

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I want to distribute the E -sports trainer in UAE, more info needed.
Posted by Mohamed Nasr on September 26, 2021

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