E.T.PACK Dispenses Tape to Deorbit Satellites

E.T.PACK Dispenses Tape to Deorbit Satellites
The E.T.PACK project aims to tackle space debris with dispensable aluminum tape that will help pull the satellite out of orbit when its mission is complete.

Developed by a team headed up by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the E.T.PACK (Electrodynamic Tether technology for Passive Consumable-less deorbit Kit) project relies on a low work-function tether that would be loaded into the spacecraft prior to launch. At the mission’s end, the craft would unfurl the tether, which is thinner than a human hair and coated in a material that emits electrons when heated by sunlight. The now-released tether would then generate electricity via the Lorentz force phenomenon, powering thrusters to force the spacecraft out of orbit with no extra fuel required.

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