Eco-Friendly In-Flight Meal Tray

Eco-Friendly In-Flight Meal Tray
The eco-friendly in-flight meal tray from PriestmanGoode reduces plastic waste with edible and compostable packaging.

The concept tray was created as part of the PriestmanGoode “Get Onboard” project that focuses on reducing plastic waste within the aviation industry, and features food-safe materials made from novel and compostable materials. The selection includes a main meal lid made of bamboo, a reusable spork of coconut wood, and an edible dessert lid made from a wafer. The team also designed a re-usable travel water bottle made of bio-plastic and cork that fits neatly into the seatback of an airplane.

According to Jo Rowan, Associate Strategy Director at PriestmanGoode, “While there is currently no perfect solution, this design proposal aims to encourage suppliers and airlines to rethink the meal service in a more eco-friendly manner, particularly ahead of legislation to ban single-use plastic, which in some countries is proposed for as early as 2021.”

Eco-Friendly In-Flight Meal Tray

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