Eco-Friendly Solar-Fridge Cools Food Off-Grid

Eco-Friendly Solar-Fridge Cools Food Off-Grid
A new environmentally-friendly solar fridge able to maintain a cool temperature for three months could offer rural areas a new way to preserve food.

Developed by Susana Elvia Toledo Flores at the Institute of Science of the Meritorious University of Puebla, the solar fridge eschews chlorofluorocarbons in favor of using zeolite to distribute methanol during the solar cycle. As the sun warms the zeolite, the methanol vapor is driven from it and routed into a storage tank. During the cooler temperatures of night, the zeolite cools down, reducing the methanol vapor pressure. As the coolant begins to evaporate, it is again adsorbed by the zeolite, "generating cooling temperatures of five degrees Celsius. The adsorption process continues all night until morning.”

According to Toledo Flores, the system could also be used to cool houses or preserve medicine.

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Please send more details about Solar Fridge and also Cost factor. Can this pricipal be used for Room Air Conditioning.

Mahesh Jain
Mob: +91 8952945447
Posted by Mahesh Jain on April 8, 2015
kindly send more detailes with operating cost-- we can cooperate distributing in Jordan market in which zeolite is available
Posted by Adnan Elsharea on April 13, 2015
How small can the system be made?
Posted by Michael Pedlar on April 20, 2015

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