Edible Vaccines don't need Refrigeration

Edible Vaccines don't need Refrigeration
Vaccines need to be kept cool to be effective which is a challenge in remote or developing areas, but scientists have discovered a new way to preserve the live elements in a lightweight film that doesn't need refrigeration.

After more than 450 attempts, the team landed on a recipe enabling the virus to be loaded into a candy-like material with protective layers that can be peeled off when it's time to use them.

They have developed a vaccine for influenza at a proof-of-concept level, and believe it could be used to deliver a vaccine for COVID-19 when it is ready to distribute.

As well as being low-cost, the product is one-thousandth the size of traditional vaccine vials and can be taken orally, avoiding the millions of syringes, vials and packaging waste currently used in traditional vaccine methodology.

Edible Vaccines don't need Refrigeration

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