EEG App Sends Brainwaves to Your Smartphone

EEG App Sends Brainwaves to Your Smartphone
A new EEG smartphone app lets the user view a real time, 3D model of their brain wave activity directly on their phone.

Developed by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, the system consists of a wireless EEG Emotive EPOC headset and the app, which is currently powered by a Nokia N900 smartphone. The brain model will highlight in different colors when brainwaves are detected, and can be manipulated through the smartphone's touchscreen.

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When patiently developing consiousness with a particular region of the brain, the brain beeing focusedly, intensively concentrated made active, one will better be able to perform tasks that the brain is guiding ones body to perform whatever mental or physical.

Your smartphone therefore will instantly be able to find useage by performers of physical acts like sports, dance, etc. as well as mental acts like people depending upon fast and rationel reactiveness like: doctors, firemen, policemen, etc., etc.

It just came out, that the brain is beeing developed by physical training. I have been highly active trying to make people aware of this earlier, but has only made enemies with experts, the people who, themself think or belive, that they know allready...

Awareness beeing increased by more activity whereto so is needed, can be trained, measured, etc. and so improving ones effectivity in whatever one does.

It can help all people improve and learn, which way of training ones awareness is able to trigger specific/most areas of the brain. I allmost bet you, that if you study an amazonas indian native, or an animal, they have more area's beeing highlighted/activated, than does most human's, that often are only dimly aware of the body. Therefore all diseases allows to grow. This device can proberbly even help cure many, many dieases, diabetic-2 feks. beeing highly due to, that the person is having less than adequate awareness of the body, many cells are simply not made aware of in the person. The patients are often flatfooted, having eyeproblems, etc., and has to eat so to indulge in bodily hormons, as one is beeing less aware of body than, to what is needed to satisfy the person's need for neurotransmittos, body highly depend upon awareness of body for neurotransmittorproduction, freesetting. This is connected to how a person is beeing provoked by sensing sensations/responding to observations, observation of ones senses and preferences of the useage of ones senses, so to release neurotransmittors.

This tool of yours, has unlimited potential.

Congratiolations, billionaers.
Posted by Carsten Nielsen on September 28, 2011

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