Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet with Voice-Activated Tracking

Ekster 3.0 Smart Wallet with Voice-Activated Tracking
The solar-powered Ekster 3.0 smart wallet features instant card access and voice-activated tracking.

The Ekster 3.0 is the third in the company’s line of smart wallets, and features a leather-crafted body and a unique trigger mechanism that will eject a section of cards without needing to open to wallet. The Ekster 3.0 also boasts a slim, new solar-powered GPS card designed in collaboration with Chipolo that can be fully charged for two months of use with just three hours of sun exposure. The tracker will stay in communication with a paired smartphone up to 200 feet away, and the Eskter 3.0 can also pair with home assistants such as Alexa, allowing the user to locate their wallet via voice commands.

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