EV4 Tilting Electric Scooter

EV4 Tilting Electric Scooter
The EV4 tilting electric scooter combines the stability of four wheels with the thrill of leaning into turns—offering a more fun-filled commute.

Developed as a more efficient travel option for the urban commuter, the EV4 was designed based on aircraft construction. It is strong and lightweight, made of an aeronautical aluminum alloy with the main frame riveted like an airplane frame. The EV4's adaptive suspension system can adjust to the shape of the terrain while keeping all four wheels on the ground, and its two electric motors provide speeds up to 25 mph. The scooter is also equipped with a handlebar-mounted LCD display, which will show speed and remaining charge.

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I'm too much interesting in your EV4 electric scooter. I would like to be your agent in Egypt. if you are interested please tell me what is needed.
Posted by Bassem Ragab on April 22, 2015
Hello. I'm verry interested in sel My EV4 to Egypt. The best options is Your visit in Poland and Your test drive on EV4 and Our discous about sell EV4 in Your country. Please write my e-mail on my e-mail ev4@ev4.pl i send for You price list and more information.
Best regards
Jack Skopinski
Posted by Jack Skopinski on April 24, 2015
I just like your invention, hopefully some day we could Purchase some
Posted by Alex Peña on September 21, 2017
You can make a purchase. Please visit www.ev4.pl/en and send us an e-mail.
Posted by Marcin Pieśniewski on September 22, 2017

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