FABtotum Mulitpurpose Affordable 3D Printer

FABtotum Mulitpurpose Affordable 3D Printer
The low-cost FABtotum was designed to make 3D printing easier and more accessible to everyone.

Already far surpassing its funding goal on Indiegogo, the multipurpose FABtotum is able to carry out a wide range of computer-controlled manufacturing processes. It prints 3D objects with the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) technique, and features a dual head engraving/milling spindle motor that can be used to shape and detail a variety of materials. Solid objects can be scanned with the built-in laser scanner, allowing the user to shape objects from foam or modeling clay and then scan them for further editing in software, print them in additive mode or mill them in subtractive mode.

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