Face Mask Vending Machines

Face Mask Vending Machines
Hong Kong is installing new vending machines where low-income residents will be able to pick up free face masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

While Hong Kong had managed to suppress the spread of coronavirus earlier this year, the return of residents who have traveled back from other parts of the world has sparked a spike in new cases.

New World Development has partnered with eight non-profits who will be distributing smart cards that low-income, at-risk residents can use to get the masks from the vending machines.

The goal is to get the masks to the most vulnerable to the virus without them having to wait in lines and risking exposure to the virus.

Face Mask Vending Machines

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Face masks may become a cyclic worldwide practice after corona. Integration with clothing might increase their usability and effectivity.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on April 14, 2020
Hello. Saber goastaria if you sell these machines? Thank you.
Posted by Negócio Hora on April 15, 2020
This is a fantastic Idea i must say. Are the machines for Sale commercial or as CSR? As CSR i know a lot of private and government institutions in my country who would like to foot the bill. Great!
Posted by Anthony Aggreh on April 29, 2020
Is this machine available for purchase to non profits.
Posted by Lyn Dyson on April 29, 2020
Please send the brochure and price.
Posted by Mostafa Aghaei on April 29, 2020
How does one get more details incl pricing? Presume these can also sell mask for buyers with credit cards?
Posted by D Darctas on April 29, 2020
Good machine how much?
Posted by Thabiso Kewagamang on April 29, 2020
Dear sir,

We are an established medical company in Malaysia and one of main supplier of cotton based medical disposables product to Ministry of Health, Malaysia. We are planning to put face mask vending machine in entrance of shopping malls and hospitals. Kindly give us more details about your face mask vending machine.

Thank you

John Peter
Pelangi Alternatif (M) Sdn.Bhd.
006019 2123 988
Posted by John Peter on April 30, 2020
Hi I am interested in purchasing this item to help stop control the virus.Can I please get pricing.
thank you.
Posted by Steven Esposito on June 14, 2020

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