Flectr Lubri Disc Oils Bike Chains Easily

Flectr Lubri Disc Oils Bike Chains Easily
The Flectr Lubri Disc invention offers a clean, easy and eco-friendly way to keep your bike chain lubricated.

Although keeping your bike chain clean and well-oiled is a maintenance necessity, the process can be messy and even wasteful, with oil dripping on the ground.

The Lubri Disc simplifies the task by containing the oil within a round, microporous, fluid-conducting material sandwiched between two plastic discs. The user first loads the lubricator wheel with oil, then snaps the magnetically-attached discs closed over it, presses the wheel against the chain and turns the crank backwards. This will cause the lube wheel to spin with the chain and release the oil in a controlled yet thorough manner.

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