Flexible Fastener Bendable Bolt

Flexible Fastener Bendable Bolt
Born out of a design for earthquake-resistant structures, the Flexible Fastener bolt is designed to bend—and could also find its way into robotics and medicine.

Created by Professor Saeed Niku at California Polytechnic State University, the Flexible Fastener consists of a shank made from a strong, flexible material such as Kevlar or wire rope. The shank is then wrapped with threads of coiled steel, resulting in a fastener that is “axially ridged by laterally compliant.” The screw can be secured in the same way as conventional screws, but is flexible enough to enter mis-matched holes or connect surfaces that are not quite parallel.

The Flexible Fastener was patented in 2005, and the C3RP Research Partnership is now seeking to partner with a manufacturer and license the product.

Flexible Fastener Bendable Bolt

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