Floating Wind Lens

Floating Wind Lens
Boasting three times the efficiency of traditional models, the Wind Lens is a floating wind factory that is also quieter than existing technology.

Interlocking hoops with turbines on the edges focus the wind into the center of each hoop, therefore increasing the amount of energy generated.

Floating Wind Lens

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nice idea. I assume the outer ring rotates with the blades and the generator is at the bottom? If yes, then the installation and maintenance could be a great deal easier. Working in the offshore oil business building all manner of floating solutions I question the base shown - looks very expensive. Surely the system could be built on individual floaters just as currently planned for conventional wind turbines moving to deeper waters. n fact if this technology is well advanced and truly more efficient we could certainly help supply a fit for purpose solution.
Posted by jerry joynson on August 3, 2010
Well, did anyone watch the sea when it's real bad? Such big structures are too big, best is to have insulated turbines that are put underwater when tordanos arise.
Posted by luc Traonvouez on August 3, 2010
I would be interested in pursuing this project on a commercial scale. Need to know what is the current status of the project.
Posted by HARI NAIR on August 3, 2010
I don't see how there is more efficiency. This just a ducted fan. Ducted fans are less efficient, not more. I am sceptical. I would like to see the measurement methodologies and test data.
Posted by Dan Apted on August 3, 2010
"focus the wind into the center of each hoop"
This is incorrect. Professor Ohya's invention helps reduce wingtip vortices by placing a diffuser around the edge of the turbine which does not rotate. These wingtip vortices can cause drag, reducing turbing efficiency, so reducing the vortices increases efficiency; recall the winglets present on the ends of most airliners' wings today. The generator is still in the center so there are no advantages there. Refer to Professor Ohya's webpage at Kyushu University for a publication list indicating numerical modelling and experimental studies.
Posted by Leif Kirschenbaum on August 3, 2010
whereas our group is involve the Energy filed and energy saving , also offshore activities, so we can understand the efficiency of this design and idea-concept.
actually maybe can forecast approx market more than 100 Billion $ /year for this technology upon improvement , and we are intersting seriously to have participation with technology owner for improvement and suggest the related idea and usages. ([email protected])
but here need to reply following quetion for more understanding about Feasibilities and possibilities :
1- capacity of each wind lens kw/h - Horse power ? Min / Max ?
2- stability and Resistance on the storms and winds ? Approx weight ?
3- Cost production for each kw/h ?
4- maintenance cost ? ( because of offshore status )
Posted by Hamid poosti on August 3, 2010
If single stream of wind can use doble time then generater can produce double or about double,means more energy than existing.Conventional electrical genereter rotates either of winding or magnet but if both are rotated this will more efficient and less input power requirement and this is our second generation of energy virsion which actually called true technology.
Posted by LAXMAN KESHWALA on August 4, 2010

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