Gearing Up Your Bicycle

Gearing Up Your Bicycle
The bicycle gear system has not changed in 100 years. That is, until industrial design student Chris Holloway came up with his Link gear system.

As a downhill bike racer, Holloway wanted a better system. His Link gear system is an expanding chain ring gear with four segments that expand and contract to give three different gear ratios.

Advantages include seamless shifting, higher efficiency, longer chain and sprocket life and improved weight distribution.

Importantly, you can swap out your current gear system and install the Link system.

Gearing Up Your Bicycle

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I saw an idea similar to this, in application in Australia during 1981 to 1986. It may have been a K Mart store that was selling them. As I recall, the gear system was fitted to a budget bike, I cannot remember the number of gears available. Looking at the picture of the gear system shown, it is very similar to the one that I saw.
Posted by John Walding on July 20, 2010

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