Get Bone-Conduction Wearable

Get Bone-Conduction Wearable
The Get wearable blends form and function into a bone-conduction wearable that lets you leave your smartphone in your pocket.

Offering many of the same features as a smartwatch, the Get wearable adds the advantage of bone conduction technology—allowing users to take calls by merely touching their finger to ear. All commands are delivered either by voice or gesture, eliminating the need for buttons or a screen, and access is secured via fingerprint identification. In addition to its spy-like call feature, the Get wristband can track parameters like sleep, activity, and hydration; perform contactless payments; and deliver haptic navigation signals, with a single one-hour charge powering the bracelet for up to five days.

Get Bone-Conduction Wearable

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Has that principle been used with carpets for warning, info or marketing purposes? Even melodies might be recognized.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on July 19, 2019

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