GoBag Vacuum-Packing Backpack

GoBag Vacuum-Packing Backpack
The GoBag backpack packs down tight with vacuum compression.

The GoBag boasts an airtight dry bag that can be compressed either by hand or a vacuum cleaner, vacuum-packing the clothing into a much smaller package. Gels and liquids are stored in a separate, sealed transparent pouch that can be removed and sent through security, while other handy compartments provide space to store valuables or frequently accessed items.

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OK, nice idea but what in case your in the middel of no where and no vaccum. It's a one shot idea.
Posted by bernard moors on December 31, 2017
Hey there, we have designed a portable pump just for this situation :)
Check it out in this video (5m13s):
James (Creator of the GoBag)
Posted by James Fyfe on January 17, 2018

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