Hail Protector Protects Cars from Hail

Hail Protector Protects Cars from Hail
The Hail Protector is an external airbag for cars, inflating within minutes to protect the vehicle from hail as large as softballs.

The Hail Protector system features a lifetime subscription to an app that uses data from the National Weather Service to detect incoming hail, warning the user 30 to 60 minutes before the hail’s arrival. The hail cover consists of two layers, one strapped beneath the car and the protective layer on top, which inflates via four blowers powered by a small compressor. The compressor can be activated by remote, and the system is powered by AA batteries for one hour or cigarette lighter cord for 2.5 hours.

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HAIL PROTECTOR is Now Available on California based crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO. Here is the link: http://igg.me/at/hailprotector/x/2270994
Please join us in the effort to bring this product to market!
Posted by Michael Siciliano on March 22, 2013
Save $88 on one HAIL PROTECTOR and $206 on two HAIL PROTECTORS with our FAMILY PACK2 plan Here is the site: http://igg.me/at/hailprotector/x/2270994
Posted by Michael Siciliano on April 3, 2013
Well the crowdfunding thing was a circus, so we have now launched The Hail Protector System in a normal fashion, thanks to a few great investors. Check us out at http://www.hailprotector.com/ At less than the price of the typical $500 deductible ($299 to $399) and including the most powerful early warning hail alert engine in the world, plus all the accessories we include, it's a tremendous value that is going to change auto hail damage forever.
Posted by Michael Siciliano on August 13, 2013
We've done so many extensive tests on the Hail Protector System. It's really pretty fun.
Recently we exceeded the energy that would have been created by the largest hail stone in the history of the world. Check it out:
http://youtu.be/4QPVjcX8mPU (short version)
http://youtu.be/x8MNfv0KCzE (long version with a montage of tests over the past 3 years)
Posted by Michael Siciliano on February 14, 2014

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