Hair and Hand Dryer Combo Saves Space

Hair and Hand Dryer Combo Saves Space
The combination Hair and Hand Dryer helps reduce bathroom clutter while also offering a more hygienic alternative to a towel.

Conceived by Jaewan Choi, the Hair and Hand Dryer features can function like a normal hair dryer, with its sleek shape and comfortable grip. After use, however, the device can be slipped inside a waterproof frame attached the wall, which enlarges the surface area of the hot air release and turns it into a hand dryer. The storage base also recharges the dryer, eliminating the need for wires.

The Hair and Hand Dryer was the recipient of the A’Design Award competition.

Hair and Hand Dryer Combo Saves Space

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Dear Sir/Madam
Please could you cost me 2 No of these
Posted by Dean Bonney on December 21, 2017
Can i have cost to purchase aprox 6
Posted by linda powell on March 20, 2018
We need this type of combo hair dryer for our hotel in dubai. please send me details for purchasing this product.
Posted by Swamynathan Rajagopal on May 22, 2019

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