Hanging Robot Speeds Rehabilitation

Hanging Robot Speeds Rehabilitation
Researchers have created a smart hanging robot that could help speed patient rehabilitation.

Developed by the team at EPFL in Switzerland, the robotic system is made up of suspended harness that can lift the patient up and forward via a series of motors. A deep learning algorithm allows the amount of assistive force to change based on the patient’s physical ability, providing precisely the assistance needed for rehabilitation.

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Could this principle be used in a drone? Decreasing body weight would let old people walk longer distances.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on August 2, 2017
Young people are better guinea pigs and first versions might be ‘moonwalk’ and mobile trampolines. Combining Flyt 16 (Jan-05-17) and Hanging Robot (Jul-30-17) this could be done in a cheap and safe way, a drone which can’t fly.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on August 9, 2017

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