"HAPPI" Dance

"HAPPI" Dance
While hemorrhages are easily treated in hospitals, getting a trauma victim there can prove troublesome and sometimes fatal, since current clotting agents used cannot be transported via ambulance. That changed when "HAPPI" came around.

Researchers at Wyss Institute of engineering developed a clotting agent that has the consistency of cotton candy and that can be easily transported by first responders. This is a game changer for paramedics, since the majority of trauma victims pass away from treatable injuries while heading to a hospital.

Not only does HAPPI bring ease of transport into play, it is also an immensely effective clotting agent. During trials, a 99% decrease in hemorrhage time was observed as well as a 97% decrease in blood loss. This can increase the patient's life by up to an hour more, giving the paramedics ample time to reach the proper facilities to save a life.

Doesn't this want to make you do a HAPPI dance?

"HAPPI" Dance

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