House-Cleaning Tiny Robot Drones

House-Cleaning Tiny Robot Drones
A new house-cleaning concept takes advantage of the swarming abilities and (hopefully) more peace-loving side of tiny, insect-sized flying drones.

Designed by 23-year-old Perez Zapata, the Mab cleaning system concept features a flock of autonomous flying drones that can be loaded with water and a chemical cleaning substance. The microrobots then scan the space to be cleaned, which allows the program to schedule cleaning cycles throughout the house. The robots would be powered by either wireless charging or by capturing solar energy with their wings.

The Mab concept is a competitor in the Electrolux Design Lab competition.

House-Cleaning Tiny Robot Drones

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this is a good idea, but it might be very hard to make with all the solar panel wing stuff
Posted by gfgdhsg tttdhge on September 8, 2013
See Daniel Suarez "Kill Decision" for how this will progress
Posted by TJ Flyer on September 25, 2013

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