Hrydrogen Powertrains for Container Ships

Hrydrogen Powertrains for Container Ships
ABB is teaming up with Hydrogène de France ti develop large-scale hydrogen fuel cell systems capable of powering zero-emission electric container ships.

Offering around 10 times the energy density of a lithium battery and a refueling process that is much quicker than plugging into a charge station, a hydrogen system would also relieve the air pollution - reported to be equal to the pollution of 50 million cars per container ship.

Hydrogen technology is also ready to be used now, unlike having to wait for several generations of battery development to enable long-range shipping operations.

Hrydrogen Powertrains for Container Ships

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I like your invention, but I would like to invent a 1,2,or 3 country club driver that wood sound like coffee percolating.
Posted by george winker on May 6, 2020

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