Human Antennas Make Any Wall Touch Sensitive

Human Antennas Make Any Wall Touch Sensitive
Researchers have developed a way to harness ambient electromagnetic radiation and use it to turn any wall into a touch sensitive surface.

The team, from Microsoft and the University of Washington, have demonstrated that when a person touches a wall with electrical wiring behind it, their body can be used as an antenna. This electrical signal can be gathered and interpreted by a device on the body, which can translate the gesture into a command.

At the present, the researchers have only demonstrated that the body can turn the electromagnetic noise into a usable signal. The next steps involve making the device smaller and more user friendly.

Human Antennas Make Any Wall Touch Sensitive

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i know another more advanced technology called sixth sense it is more powerful than this one....
Posted by bala subramanian.r on May 6, 2011
the effect has been noticeable since being a child who walks to close to an old cathode ray television tube or screen. congratulations!
Posted by thomas finn on May 10, 2011

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