Humane Radar Mousetraps Send an Alert When Tripped

Humane Radar Mousetraps Send an Alert When Tripped
The internet-connect RADAR mousetraps from Rentokill will automatically gas captured mice and send an alert when the trap has triggered.

The RADAR traps, (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) are part of the UK company's ResiConnect mouse solution, and are designed for high-risk business environments. After a mouse runs into one of the open ends of the trap, breaking a pair of infrared beams, the doors will snap shut, completely sealing the openings. Then, carbon dioxide gas is released into the container, humanely killing the mouse. After the trap has been triggered, the system will send a message to the Rentokill office, alerting a technician to come and reset the trap.

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Wow nice techinque i thing it is really useful.
Posted by Pooja joe on December 29, 2017
Amazing one. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by mallika pch on January 17, 2022

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