Hybrid Camera System Detects Crop Water Needs

Hybrid Camera System Detects Crop Water Needs
An innovative camera system can keep an eye on crops to help farmers more closely monitor their water needs and water usage.

One of the ways to detect if a plant is low on water is by measuring its temperature, but typical infrared cameras are large and expensive, while infrared sensors alone lack the extra detail of images.

Developed by a team from the University of Missouri, the Multi-band System for Imaging of a Crop Canopy overcomes these limitations. The system relies on a standard digital camera that has been combined with an infrared camera to capture both temperature data and detailed images. According to the team, adding the digital camera to the system helps mitigate the flawed temperature data that comes from elements like shade and soil, offering a more accurate view of the crop temperatures.

Hybrid Camera System Detects Crop Water Needs

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