Implant Lets Paralyzed Walk with Power of Thought

Implant Lets Paralyzed Walk with Power of Thought
Researchers have created a “bionic spinal cord” implant that could enable paralyzed people to walk again using the power of thought.

Developed by a team from the University of Melbourne, the paperclip-sized brain-machine interface (BMI) is made up of a stentrode (stent-based electrode) that is implanted inside a blood vessel in the patient’s brain and communicates with a power supply and transmitter that are implanted in the shoulder. The electrode would detect the brain activity that normally controls the patient’s muscles, and translate that information into commands that would power a prosthetic or exoskeleton.

While the capabilities of thought-controlled devices is impressive enough, the team is truly excited by the device’s small size, and the fact that it can be implanted in the brain using a minimally invasive procedure.

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