Improved Fog Harvesters Catch Five Times as Much Water

Improved Fog Harvesters Catch Five Times as Much Water
A new fog harvesting technique developed at MIT increases the amount of water collected by fog harvesters by at least fivefold.

Fog harvesting is not new, but, according to team member Kyoo-Chul Park, many existing systems are far from optimal. The MIT system has improved the efficiency of fog harvesters by reducing the size of the gaps in the mesh of the net. The MIT net consists of a mesh made of stainless steel filaments about three to four times the thickness of a human hair with a spacing about twice that, and is also coated with a solution that encourages small droplets of water to flow into the collection gutter quickly, before they are blown away by the wind.

The system is currently undergoing tests in Chile.

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five times and five fold are no way near the same thing.
Posted by d b on September 8, 2013

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