Indra Mosquito Zapper For Off-Grid Vendors

Indra Mosquito Zapper For Off-Grid Vendors
The Indra mosquito zapper helps protect outdoor vendors from the risks of mosquito-borne diseases.

Developed by Paul Eterovich with vendors in India in mind, the Indra is inexpensive, portable and human-powered, made of local recycled e-waste materials. Powered by both wind and solar, the Indra attracts insects—including mosquitos—with UV light, and then kills them with an electrified mesh.

Although there are other bug zappers on the market, the locally-sourced, solar- and wind-powered Indra is ideally suited for people in rural and impoverished regions. As an added benefit, the Indra can also harness and store collected energy for use by the vendor or even for sale to customers.

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