Injectsense Sensor Monitors Glaucoma

Injectsense Sensor Monitors Glaucoma
The tiny Injectsense sensor can be implanted in the eye to help glaucoma patients monitor the condition at home.

One of the best ways to monitor glaucoma is by regular pressure checks of the intraocular pressure (IOP) of the eye. To reduce the need to visit a physician to have this done, the Injectsense implant can be injected into the eye’s pars plana layer during a simple, five-minute procedure. Once in place, the implant will measure the wearer’s IOP and transmit the data to a separate reader device.

The Injectsense implant has been successfully tested on lab animals, and could eventually be paired with a smartphone to allow the patient to check their IOP at will and ensure the pressure is in the safe range.

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