Insect Shells Inspire Stronger Buildings

Insect Shells Inspire Stronger Buildings
The shape of the beetle’s shell has inspired a 3D-printed cement design that won’t crumble under stress.

The printing technique was inspired by the way the shell of arthropods (such as beetles) grow stronger under pressure. With that adaptive ability in mind, the team from Purdue developed a 3D-printed cement paste—a main ingredient in concrete and mortar—that takes advantage of the natural weakness of cement to increase resiliency. According to the research group, the new technique could help infrastructures withstand the forces of natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

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Perhaps Insect Shells Inspire Stronger Buildings (Oct-5-18) and Building Houses with Mud-Slinging Drones (Oct-6-18) could be put together? Drones would build autonomously temporary gazebos and pavilions from recyclable materials as a show carrying elements, building the frame like an igloo, spraying parts together and finally covering.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on October 9, 2018

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