Intel Showcases Wearable Tech

Intel Showcases Wearable Tech
Developed to showcase Intel's tiny Edison PC and the move toward wearable technology, the “smart onesie” can monitor an infant’s vitals and send the information to a smartphone or coffee cup.

Intel created the onesie using the Mimo Baby line from Rest Devices and to
demonstrate the applications of Edison, an SD-card sized PC with Wi-Fi connectivity and its own app store on the horizon. When integrated into the onesie, the Edison and sensors can monitor and transmit information about the baby’s temperature, movement and breathing.

Other wearable devices unveiled at Intel’s keynote presentation at CES include smart earbuds that allow the user to listen music while the device also measures heart rate and pulse and an always-on headset that could allow users to interact with their phone verbally, much like the functions offered by Siri.

Intel has also announced the "Make it Wearable" Challenge, which will distribute more than $1 million in awards to participants.

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