Is Fusion Energy Finally Becoming a Reality?

Is Fusion Energy Finally Becoming a Reality?
An Australian fusion startup called HB11 claims they have found a way to revolutionize current nuclear fusion technology to create the holy grail of unlimited energy without the risk of a nuclear meltdown.

Current technology takes more energy to get it going than it outputs, but HB11's approach does away with the excessively high temperature and pressure levels and relies on hydrogen and a boron B-11 isotope instead while using a specialized set of lasers to get the reaction going.

They employ fuel pellets inside an empty metal sphere shot at with two lasers to trigger an avalanche fusion chain reaction.

Skipping the need for a heat exchanger or steam turbine generator, they can feed electricity almost directly into existing power grids.

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Dear Mr. Hora,

We are a Canadian company, established in Toronto, Canada in 1994 named, NAIOMI INTERNATIONAL INC.
We are looking in to the possibility of being associated with your company as an investor, lisencee of your technology in India and Canada.
Kindly send us more details and its commercials .
Best Regards
Dr. Hari Nair
+1 905 670 5716
Posted by Hari Nair on March 19, 2020

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