Joggobot Quadcopter Encourages Performance

Joggobot Quadcopter Encourages Performance
The Joggobot quadcopter keeps you company as you run and can even set the pace to encourage stronger performance.

Developed at Exertion Games Lab, the autonomous flying Joggobot features on-board sensors able to lock on to the shirt of the person it is meant to track, keeping pace with the runner or flying in front to encourage a more challenging speed. It will also react to the physical environment in a way that mimics the human, whirring as its battery drains in a way similiar to the puffing of a tired runner.

The team at Exertion Games Lab hopes the Joggobot can enhance understanding of why we play and promote the consideration of robot supported exertion activities.

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i want to no the inovative ideas regarding quadrotor
Posted by vijay kumar on November 9, 2013

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