Kirigami Sensor Flexes to Track Complex Motions

Kirigami Sensor Flexes to Track Complex Motions
A kirigami sensor patch that can flex to fit the contours of the body could monitor the shoulder and other complex joints to help speed healing.

The shoulder is one of the body’s most complex joints, and has therefore been difficult to study properly with a wearable. To improve the study and healing of this important body part, professor Max Shtein of the University of Michigan created a wearable sensor inspired by kirigami. The sensor is made up of a thin sheet of plastic laser-cut into a series of ovals that allows it to be manufactured flat and open into a flexible and wrinkle-free 3D shape. The team created a proof-of-concept version of their sensor by embedding a pair of strain gauges in the material, which were able to track the raising and lowering of the arm.

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