Kjaro Self-Draining Umbrella

Kjaro Self-Draining Umbrella
The lowly umbrella continues its trend of new-tech improvements with the arrival of the Kjaro umbrella, a wearable, self-draining umbrella that keeps the rain outside.

Developed by a team of Italian designers, the Kjaro was designed specifically tackle the problem of carrying a wet, dripping umbrella around a shop or into the office. Once the umbrella has been folded shut and secured, it slips into a special, waterproof case equipped with a drain plug at the bottom. The water from the umbrella flows into the reservoir, where it can be emptied at the owner’s convenience. Along with its water-containing abilities, the designers have also included a handy hook on the Kjaro that make it easy to carry hands-free.

Kjaro Self-Draining Umbrella

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I like this, how can I market it in Nigeria?
Posted by adeyeri Patricia on September 4, 2015

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