Laser Engine

Laser Engine
Researchers have developed a system of lasers that are small enough to replace the spark plugs in car engines.

The new lasers were created by Japanese researchers, and could enable a car's engine to burn more efficiently, cleaner, and with less smog producing nitrous oxide emissions. Previous laser systems have not been small enough to work with the spark plugs, but the new lasers are both small and powerful . They are also inexpensive to make, and can be mass produced.

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I hope that after-market versions can be made to fit any vehicle.
Posted by Mana Lei on April 22, 2011
This innovation of photon engines will change the world of engines. Its application will not be limited to automobile sector but will prove its impact to power generation industry, locomotive and floating vessels.
Posted by Salman Nisar on April 23, 2011
I love this, kudos to inventors will soon be in a clean enviroment with greater auto generation.
Posted by Patrick Tunga on April 26, 2011
Can laser igniters be used in LP Gas and natural gas appliances like cooktops, ranges, commercial appliances etc. Thanks
Posted by HERO TIRTHANI on April 26, 2011
For 15 years there is a U.S. patent for a plasma ignition, none of the automotive companies are not interested in him and did not examine its superb capabilities. Everyone preferred the hybrid.

New spark plug -plasma spark plug reduce 70% fuel reduce CO2 zero-O-emissions CO2 !!!!!
For years now, I have wondered where and when the next Edison with a bright idea will appear and invent a "lean, green, driving machine
I have finally found such a man. He lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and his name is Robert Krupa We have all heard the saying, "If something sounds too good to be true, itsually is". The amazing new spark plug designed by Mr Krupa, which he named "FireStorm", is the exception to this rule.
Named "FireStorm", is the exception to this rule.
I know that when it comes to buying spark plugs, they are all basically the same except for the price.

So, why make the same except for the price. So, why make a big deal about another new spark plug?

Fire Storm Capabilities
First, let look at what Krupa FireStorm spark plugs give an internal combustion engine: More horsepower; 44-50% increase in mpg; Dramatic decrease in emissions.
Second, let see what FireStorm plugs eliminate: Smog pump; Catalytic converter; Radio frequency interference (RFI) and the use of resistors in the
centre electrode; Gap growth; Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems; Misfire/hesitation/detonation/stutter and stumble.
How, you may ask, is all this achieved? In a word, plasma. The revolutionary design of FireStorm spark plugs creates an electric plasma that fills the entire combustion chamber like a firestorm. It allows you to take an internal combustion engine from the standard 14.7:1 air-to-fuel ratio to an incredibly lean 24:1,30:1,40:1. At this ratio, all the air/fuel mixture is burned much more efficiently without increasing heat, thus giving an engine more power and fuel economy while creating much less pollution.

The bad news is that you can buy a set of FireStorm spark plugs anywhere right now.

Interview w/Robert Krupa - Firestorm spark plug
Posted by Henryk Mongialo on April 29, 2011
please send to me more informations
Posted by messai zitouni on May 1, 2011

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