LED-Equipped Carpet Lights the Way

LED-Equipped Carpet Lights the Way
A new LED embedded carpet from Philips is able to display information such as directions or logos, and offers an alternative to static signs.

Philips partnered with Desso to develop the patented LED technology. The carpet can be programmed to change its information based on the time of day, or used as a temporary sign—lighting up to direct people after an event or during an emergency. According to the developers, the ground-level placement of information will coincide well with our tendency to look at the ground while walking, and the LEDs take advantage of our inclination to seek out light.

LED-Equipped Carpet Lights the Way

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Dear Sir, Please forward complete details ( Technical & Commercial ) for LED Lighted Carpets for our clients in India.
Posted by RAJESH TANDON on November 27, 2013

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