Light Reflection, Heat Reduction

Light Reflection, Heat Reduction
Have you ever compared the feeling of wearing a white shirt on a hot summer day versus a darker shirt? Exactly, you feel much cooler with paler colors on. What if the same concept was applied to buildings?

White paints already exist, though they only reflect up to 85% of light and certain compounds in the paint absorb UV-light, causing the building to warm up either way. A group of researchers at UCLA developed a new "super white" paint that can reflect up to 98% of incoming light, as well as avoid absorption of any undesired wavelengths.

The primary effect of this coating is indeed to cool buildings, and it does the job extremely efficiently: it is said that the super-white paint can reduce buildings to sub-ambient temperatures!

Additionally, not only does it cool buildings but if it was used on a larger scale, on an entire city for example, it could decrease or even eradicate the "heat island" effect. Now increase that to a global scale and it could possibly counter global warming. Why not give it a try?

Light Reflection, Heat Reduction

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yes in olden days Ice cream sellers use to cover their trolley with red color cloth
Posted by Muhammad Kamran Rashid on August 3, 2020

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