LumaHelm Smart Light Helmet

LumaHelm Smart Light Helmet
The LumaHelm LED bicycle helmet responds to head movements, enabling the user to signal a turn by the tilt of their head.

The LumaHelm helmet is covered in an array of 104 multicolored LEDs, which can be programmed to create a range of lighting patterns. The LED lights are connected to an onboard Arduino Uno microcontroller board, and the entire helmet is covered in a translucent shell. The LumaHelm also features an accelerator, which allows the user to active the flashing turn signal lights or steady brake light by tipping their head either left, right, or straight back.

The LumaHelp was developed by Exertion Games Lab, the same team that recently released the Joggobot Robot.

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Does this helmet also protect in case of a fall? If so, what standards does it adhere to?
Posted by Peter van Vroonhoven on July 28, 2012

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