Lumos Auto-Ignition Candle

Lumos Auto-Ignition Candle
The Lumos Auto-Ignition Candle provides the look and scent of a real candle at the push of a button.

The Lumos Candle is an actual candle, held in a glass jar filled with scented soy wax surrounding a wooden wick. The candle can be lit simply by pressing a button on the base, which triggers a charge that travels through the wick to ignite the top of it—allowing the Lumos to burn like a regular candle. The Lumos’s electronics, which are located in the base, can be charged via USB, and wax-filled glass jar ‘refills’ are available in a number of scents.

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I want to study this candle . Help me to learn the technology
Posted by Pragathi raj on January 20, 2020

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