Magnic Light iC Contactless Dynamo Bike Light

Magnic Light iC Contactless Dynamo Bike Light
The Magnic Light iC dynamo-powered bike light receives its power simply by being close to a spinning object, eliminating the need for contact with the bike wheels.

The light works using eddy current technology, which uses eddy currents created by powerful magnets to generate electricity. As the wheel spins, the magnets in the generator will create eddy currents with the corresponding magnetic fields in the wheel. These fields then interact with the magnets in the generator to create electricity to power the lights.

An earlier version of the Magnic Light was introduced in 2012, and the new version has been updated with a microprocessor able to maintain optimum efficiency by adapting to the bike’s speed. Other improvements include a built-in capacitor that keeps the light illuminated even when the bike is stopped and a redesigned lens that is friendlier to oncoming traffic. The Magnic light iC has already surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter.

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Great stuff.
Posted by Barrie Davey on January 22, 2014
what will be the cost of this light and what is the life of this?
vary good innovation
Posted by danny shah on February 4, 2014
Is there any resistance whatsoever, in other words does it slow the cycle down even by the slightest?
Posted by Barrie Davey on February 5, 2014

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