Making Toothpaste Obsolete

Making Toothpaste Obsolete
This solar powered toothbrush is not a brush powered by the sun. Instead it uses solar rays to catalyze a powerful chemical reaction in your mouth that destroys bacterial cells and eliminates the need for toothpaste.

When light shines on the handle, electrons are transmitted to the top of the brush where they cause a chemical reaction with the acid in the mouth.

The University of Saskatchewan is conducting tests to determine if the Soladey-J3X does a better job of eliminating plaque and bacteria.

Making Toothpaste Obsolete

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I am a very big fan of your product. i would like to learn more about it and would love to sample one if possible.
Posted by mark wagenberg on August 17, 2010
notify me when its ready for market
Posted by boon sin chan on August 17, 2010
u guys are very good this will even reduce the cost of toothpaste as well .
want to know more about the benefits and the chemicals the sun light will produce that can kill these bacterial
Posted by eugene agyen on August 20, 2010
Does the sun need to be shining on the toothbrush as it is being used? Many people brush their teeth during the darker hours of the day......, and even more do not have sun in their bathrooms. If it's not incredibly inexpensive, only the richer countries will have an interest (or even have access), so that lets out the millions who might be brushing outdoors, and in the sun. Still, an interesting development.
Posted by Erik van Lennep on August 24, 2010
This product is a variation of one already on the market. The Soladey toothbrush has been available for sale online and in stores for a number of years. The handle has a titanium rod that creates a reaction with saliva. It reverses the polarity of plaque so it washes away, all without toothpaste. I've not bought toothpaste for over 10 years. The handle has replaceable brush heads. My dentist see the results and can't believe it works so well. He always asks, "tell me again what you're doing?"
Posted by Anthony Sanna on August 24, 2010
This product will have a wider market. Before introduce this big MNCs may try to scuttle the progress of this product. Hence manufacturer should take all percussion and take this product down to level of peasants for grand success.
Posted by Sripadha Srinivasan on August 24, 2010
i wish i can test one on my teeth and experience it myself. anyway, may the GOOD LORD JESUS CHRIST enable you achieve more!
Posted by emmanuel kokloku on September 1, 2010
please provide more information on gthis product
Posted by aliyu kazeem on September 16, 2010
Well this thing is good in some respect because it does say that it gets rid of bacteria in your mouth better than a toothbrush and toothpast but i mean cmon who is gonna go outside and brush their teeth??or will a bathroom light suffice ?
Posted by Jason West on October 20, 2010
I think this is a good idea. Except your teacher wouldn't believe you mad it.
Posted by Samantha Jumpex on January 23, 2011
I wonder where can I buy this wonderful product and where it be produced. Could I distribute it in China market? thanks! wilson e.mail: [email protected]
Posted by wilson wei on July 24, 2011
when it became market
can i arrange fro srilanka market that ..?
Posted by manuja vipuladasa on January 10, 2013

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