Mango and Seaweed Water Soluble Plastic

Mango and Seaweed Water Soluble Plastic
A water-soluble plastic made of seaweed and mango peels could provide a greener alternative to today’s petroleum-based products.

The bio-plastic was created by recent University of San Carlos graduate Denxybel Montinola, who was inspired by a video explaining the process of producing plastic from seaweed. Since Montinola’s home country is also a major producer of mangos, he decided to add their peels to the mix, resulting in a material that performs even better than traditional plastic, and will also dissolve in water. Going beyond packaging, the bio-plastic could also be used to create a tissue scaffold to protect burns or stop local bleeding.

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want to know more about this environmental friendly plastic packaging
Posted by ogunsade samuel on August 12, 2019
I will like to know whether it is being produced in mass at present or it is in research level,?Also let me know whether anyone can use it for storing or carrying water based liquids, oils for packaging purpose. After what time it bio-degrades at the contact of water? Does it come in color less form or it is also possible in color form. What will be its price and form?
Posted by AJAJ ISMAIL KHAN on August 21, 2019
like to learn process of making this plastic.
Posted by nick dhana on August 21, 2019
Denxybel has a LinkedIn page at
Posted by Wendy Wurtele on August 21, 2019

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