Mantis Shrimp Inspire Safer Cars

Mantis Shrimp Inspire Safer Cars
Self-driving cars could get a better view of the world thanks to a new camera inspired by the vision of the mantis shrimp.

As self-driving cars edge closer to our streets, they need to be better able to navigate in challenging conditions such as fog or a transition from a tunnel to sunlight. To that end, the team from the University of Illinois created a camera based on the vision of the mantis shrimp by changing the way the camera’s photodiodes convert light to electrical current. That alteration to forward bias mode caused the electrical current to have a logarithmic response like the shrimp, and offer greater contrast.

According to the team, the camera offers an unprecedented dynamic range about 10,000 times greater than current options.

Mantis Shrimp Inspire Safer Cars

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