MDV--Manual Digital Verification

MDV--Manual Digital Verification
• Scan your customer bank signature form to save it in the bank computer.
• Register customer bank signature form in a checklist file like an excel sheet.
• Link customer scanned signature with his/her bank account number.
• Customer scanned signature to be added to the mobile bank app inside
customer account profile.
• When customer logins to mobile bank app in order to open an account or
request a loan digitally so to fill an online application form.
• Then after filling the required request form digitally the customer presses
on signature tab in order to apply his/her registered signature mandatorily
at the end of the application request form (the scanned manual signature).
• Lastly the customer presses on the confirm tab to submit the required
request for processing.

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Experts can verify manual signatures and digitality annexes also technical analyses. Manual digital signature has been benefitted surprisingly little.
Posted by Uolevi Kattun on July 3, 2020

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