Measuring Blood Pressure Without a Cuff

Measuring Blood Pressure Without a Cuff
A researcher at MIT has developed a continuously wearable blood pressure monitor that does not require a cuff.

The device is worn on one finger, with the processor being worn on the wrist. It works by measuring the velocity of the pulse, which allows the blood pressure can be calculated.

There are also accelerometers in the unit that can keep track of the hand position to account for the changes in blood pressure due to changes in the position of the hand in relation to the rest of the body. The device then transmits the readings via Wifi.

Doctors often recommend keeping a blood pressure diary at home for some patients, but this is often inconvenient and unreliable. This new device allows reliable data to be gathered continuously throughout the day.

Measuring Blood Pressure Without a Cuff

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Where I can buy this device? What is cost?
Posted by Peter Bart on November 21, 2012
My friend looks for similar product.
Please notify me if it is on the market.
Best regards,
Franco Rossetti in SWEDEN.
Posted by Franco Rossetti on October 22, 2021

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