MedModular Patient Rooms Speed Hospital Construction

MedModular Patient Rooms Speed Hospital Construction
The MedModular prefab patient rooms from Admares and EIR Healthcare take a cue from cruise ships to speed hospital construction.

Typically, cruise ships cabins are built separately and delivered to the ship, to be fit into place on the vessel and cut costs.

In a similar style, the MedModular rooms are built at a remote location for delivery to the hospital location. The rooms, which include modern features such as smart tinting windows, gesture-controlled doors, and bacteria-resistant, seam-free surfaces, can be manufactured on site and then delivered to the final location, speeding hospital construction by up to 40 percent while costing about the same as current methods.

MedModular Patient Rooms Speed Hospital Construction

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Can these units be be built and stored for future use? I am looking at the military and NGO's worldwide. Thanks
Posted by Gary Berglund on February 24, 2019

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