Megasus Horserunners Clip-On Horseshoes

Megasus Horserunners Clip-On Horseshoes
The Megasus Horserunners clip-on horseshoes aim to bring horseshoes out of the iron age.

The Megasus Horserunners clippable runners were designed based on the company’s research that a horse’s hoof can move vertically, not just horizontally. Whereas typical iron horseshoes keep the hoof rigid and unable to move naturally, the Megasus Horserunners features soft elements that allow for the full range of movement. The shoe is also removable, and can be taken off when not needed to let the horse properly exercise its hooves and ligaments.

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Please let me know how much a set are in American money.
Posted by Dale Raccuglia on November 9, 2016
How can I order some?
Posted by Jaimi Minix on November 10, 2016
I apologize, but we currently do not have prices set in US dollars. I can suggest that you convert the price using currency converter such as and I am sorry that this is an inconvenience, but we are working to improve! I can quote you now that the 2 set will cost around $107.67 and the 4 set at $215.44. These prices are contingent on todays currency exchange rate so please bare this in mind. Thanks for your interest in our product!
The Megasus Team
Posted by Candice Nelson on November 11, 2016
Can we order some now. (US dollars)
Posted by Anna Mcgovern on November 11, 2016
How do i buy some
Posted by Troy Watts on November 12, 2016
I would like some information on these clip on horse shoes. Please. I live in Oregon in the USA. I would like to know how to measure the horse's size first of all. Then we could figure out the cost with the exchange rate.
Where would these be shipped from?
Thanks, Brad
Posted by BRADLEY HATHAWAY on November 12, 2016
I am very interested in the purchase of the Megasus clip on shoes. And would like to know from which Country the company is in. I live in the United States and would like to know a around about delivery time if possible .
Thank you !
Posted by Diane Suzor on November 13, 2016
I live in Washington State and would love to have mire infomation on these and how to and where to order them
Posted by kathy owens on November 14, 2016
I live in New York . Is there a price list for parts , such as lost clips and possible Velcro damage ? Is it possible to remove shoes and reuse when needed? My horses are turned out and not used a lot. I assume the Velcro is not reusable. Please reply I am very interested ThankYou.
Posted by Patrick tierney on November 16, 2016
Hello there,
Thank you very much for your interest in our Megasus Horserunners!
We are an Austrian company and will be launching Megasus Horserunners next year in August 2017 on the market.
At the moment, you can pre-order the Megasus Horserunners at a very reasonable price on These prices are a big THANK you for helping us finance the serial production. The delivery will take place in July 2017 before the Megasus Horserunners are on the market.

Please click here to pre-order:

If you would like to learn more about sizes and how to measure your horses hooves, please check our FAQ site:

Thank you very much!

Best wishes from Austria!
Your Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on November 23, 2016
I have a mini horse and I can not get him shoes for he is so small can you help us in the mini world
Posted by Cheryl Jones on January 12, 2017
Dear Cheryl Jones! We would love to accommodate all horses, whether they have extremely small or extra large hooves! Due to the cost of molds, it is quite challenging to add additional sizes, but we hope to continue expanding our sizing chart as our company grows.
What is the width of your mini horse's hooves? Our smallest size is 82-92 mm. Here is a link to our current sizing chart:
Please subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage,, because we will post any updates concerning the Megasus and additions to the sizing chart there.
Best wishes, Your Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on January 20, 2017
Thank you I myself would like to pay for the development of a new mold for Mini shoe's and the test run this will make you a lot of money we inthe mini horse world will pay big for our baby's to have shoe's that will make them comfortable when they cart t.ell me what I need to do to get this done I will get molds money what ever it takes thank you very much
Posted by Cheryl Jones on January 23, 2017
Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for your generous offer! Can you please measure the widest width of your Mini Horse's hooves and send us the measurements? You can contact us at and we will see where we can go from there!
Best wishes,
The Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on January 27, 2017
great thanks for sharing this.
Posted by anam zara on February 12, 2017
I am interested in purchasing a set of theses. How do they hold up for beach riding?
Posted by Jayme Jamieson on February 14, 2017
Dear Jayme,
We test the Megasus on many types of terrain and we have had positive feedback regarding water, mud and ECT. We will be posting more videos and information regarding our testing in the upcoming months! Please subscribe to our newsletter from our homepage,, to get updates on our progress!
Best wishes,
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on February 16, 2017
I would love to get some more information on how to order them and how to know what size I need for my horse and do I get their feet trimmed first
Posted by Skye Kay on March 16, 2017
Dear Skye Kay,
Please visit our website, There, you will find all the information you need pertaining to measuring for the hooves and you can also order directly under the pre-order tab. When measuring, the hooves should be trimmed closest to their bare-hoof and then measure the widest width. Please contact us directly at if you have any additional questions. Best wishes, the Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on March 17, 2017
Would like to order a pair ,,, info please , how do you do payment ?? PayPal?
Posted by Paul Linton on April 6, 2017
Dear Paul, Yes you can pay via Paypal. Please visit our web shop for prices and packages. Best wishes, The Megasus Horserunners
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on April 10, 2017
I have a trotting horse that over reaches will that effect the shoe and how long do they last
Posted by Michelle Sidlow on April 14, 2017
Seriously looking at these. Would like to demo them in a mountain setting. Hopefully they will work out!
Posted by Rebecca Boyle on April 26, 2017
Will the price of these horseshoes become lower and thus more affordable for general horse owners? I know of a charity named Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa which reclaims elderly, unwanted horses and retrains them as therapy horses. This charity would benefit greatly from these shoes but can by no means afford them.
Posted by Rose Stutts on May 12, 2017
Dear Rose,
Thank you for your interest in our product. We cannot guarantee a lower price for our Megasus Horserunners at this time. Our goal is for the Megasus Horserunners to last 3-6 months. We are very much focused on providing a high quality product which does cost more to produce. If you have any additional questions, please send them over to
Thank you and best wishes,
The Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on May 15, 2017
Would you be interested ( or do you already have ) U. S. distributers. I have horses and am VERY impressed with your product. Jerry Crenshaw,
Posted by gerald crenshaw on May 28, 2017
Dear Michelle, The Megasus Horserunners can be adapted for horses that over reach. This would be something that a good farrier could fit.
If you have any additional questions, please send us an email at
Best wishes,
The Megasus Team
Posted by Megasus Horserunners on May 31, 2017
I am really impressed by this innovative horseshoe, finally something that will help horses with all sorts of pain! A lot of problems come from bad shoeing. My problem is the price... and if your horse looses a shoe. My blacksmith has said he would be happy to fit it on if I get some. Another question, if they last 3 to 6 months they are re usable, has anyone re used them and it's worked out?
Posted by Cintia Costa on October 3, 2017
Posted by Kenneth von Schaumburg on November 30, 2017
Re: Idea To Help Tuscaloosa Rescue

I notice on the Megasus Horserunners Kickstarter website that it says if a donor has no horse to outfit with the horsie tennie runners they are encouraged to donate the runners to the 2 pet charities in Europe. Charity goes a long way toward goodwill. You've raised over €61,000 Beyond the orig Kickstarter campaign at last count. What about donating runners to rescue horses in pain who need it in the USA too like Rose Stutts' mentioned Tuscaloosa Rescue? They get left to toil in pain? That doesn't seem to be doing right by and for the Tuscaloosa rescued horses and other US Sanctuaries and Rescues and Rehabs to anyone does it?? Just due to proximity

Dear Rose Stutts, Hi! How about starting a Kickstarter/Go Fund Me Account??? Also have you heard of donations? They donate at no charge to any cause you want for using GoodSearch and GoodShop buying items from stores that have % rebates listed including who has Equine Saver Supplement which has helped a lot of very senior horses move without pain.

Get your friends for the rescue and Facebook friends and groups to sign up with Tuscaloosa Horse Rescue, this cause that means so much. You guys all just need to make certain that you're logged in when you search using GoodSearch and buying with GoodShop link that takes you to which store you want. I personally have no money either to donate to causes that are very important. This works and The donations build up and could help get the Megasus shoes or other supplies like EquineSaver from

I really feel for the senior and unwanted horses (they'd never be treated as unwanted by me) 😥😪and love that Tuscaloosa Horse Rescue gives them new homes and second chances at life and being loved! As a vegan and a love for all animals (pets, farm, domestic, lab animals, protecting both endangered and all Wildlife) local to universe-wide animal protections except harmful insects. That ought to cover "all creatures great and small" to quote
-James Herriott.
Posted by Christina B on January 30, 2018
Hi, Trying to purchase these in the United States. Do you have a web site these can be purchased? This is awesome idea. My horse foundered years ago and in much need of something like this. Thanks Augie
Posted by augustine parent on February 25, 2018
How do u know what size to get for your horses? And I have muck like mud by the barn would they get pulled off by that or get trapped between? I’m just a little confused on how to use them, do the farriers put them on or what? && can they be used just for a trail ride then be taken off? Please give me more Info!
Posted by Jazlynn Shomo on November 13, 2018

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