Microchip Separates CTCs with Magnetic Beads

Microchip Separates CTCs with Magnetic Beads
An innovative microfluidic chip relies on magnetic beads to isolate almost all of the circulating tumor cells in a blood sample.

Developed by a team from the University of Georgia, the chip takes a bit of a reverse approach to isolating the CTC cancer markers. Instead of separating the cells from the blood, the team ‘removed the blood’ via a process called integrated ferrohydrodynamic cell separation. Magnetic microbeads are added to the blood sample, where they attach to the white blood cells. As the treated sample moves through the chip, the white blood cells are drawn by magnets into a separate channel, leaving the CTCs behind.

Large Image: A blood sample streaming through the microfluidic device

Microchip Separates CTCs with Magnetic Beads

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