Microlens Film Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

Microlens Film Improves Solar Panel Efficiency
An innovative new film harnesses infrared light to increase the efficiency of solar panels by up to ten percent.

The film was developed by a team from KTH to boost the performance of upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs), which are already used to capture infrared light. Seeing room for improvement, the researchers created a polymer-based thin-film embedded with nanocrystals and an array of microlenses. The film can be applied to a standard solar panel, where it will modulate the infrared light to improve energy conversion efficiency.

According to Professor Hans Ågren, research team leader, “We have achieved a 10 percent increase in efficiency without yet optimizing the technology. With a little more work, we estimate that a 20 to 25 percent increase in efficiency could be achieved.”

Microlens Film Improves Solar Panel Efficiency

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Well, this is a product that is already on the market. I would be very surpriced if KTH.se can bring this to market without violating the patents. The inventions is years old and product is so far sold as transparent solar windows. To add this 24/7 solar film to existing solar panels is ofcourse possible, but KTH.se promote it as their own idea, IT is not!!! I tryed to contact ubiquitous.energy about doing same a long time ago. It is a great invention and it is cool if KTH can prove they do not violate any patents, so world might get some competition in sales price and product range, I just doubt it...
Posted by Anders Bentsen on November 13, 2019
interested in this film
Posted by sanjay saigal on May 9, 2020

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